The S3X-H is the most successful model of the SX-Series as the highly evolved successor of our very popular S3A. Designed as a three-way speaker, it includes two horizontally arranged 7.5" bass drivers, one 4.5" midrange speaker and the characteristic ADAM X-ART tweeter. The cone woofers are driven by three powerful 250 Watt PWM amplifiers that enable the S3X-H to provide amazing dynamic bass performance. Even if they are classified as midfield monitors due to their power capabilities, S3X-Hs are also ideal for reproducing spatial depth at shorter listening distances.

The top-class X-ART driver produces brilliant and transparent high frequencies. The three-dimensional spatial imaging and rapid, powerful midrange/bass response make the S3X-H extremely musical, dynamic and colorful. The S3X-H also provides clear representation of minimal changes in your mix and the corresponding sonic consequences. Long working sessions with the S3X-H are not fatiguing to the ear. Quite the contrary: the authenticity and brightness of this exceptional monitor enhances the creative process of musicians and producers around the world.

Optional: External Amplifier Unit EA-SX

For the models S2X, S3X, S4X and S5X we offer the option of an external amp unit in order to make flush mounting of these monitors easier.
"The S3X-H convinces all along the line. ADAMs new member is all but just an improvement of a successful monitor. With a new loudspeaker design and painstaking tuning it is a first-class control tool in any studio. From now on, the monitor reference in the Professional Audio Studio is called S3X-H." (Raphael Hornbruch, Professional Audio)

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