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S Series – The Flagship Reference Monitoring Range

The S Series is the combination of many years of advanced in-house engineering innovation at ADAM Audio and the latest computer aided design techniques. The range offers more bass extension and critical mid-range information, with a raised overall maximum output level but reduced distortion as well as forward-looking digital connectivity alongside its analog connections.

ADAM Audio S3H Studio Reference Monitor


Sets new standards in terms of technical innovationSee more
ADAM Audio S2V Studio Reference Monitor


Ideal for use in demanding studio environmentsSee more
ADAM Audio S5H Studio Reference Monitor


ADAM Audio’s new flagship reference monitorSee more

S Series in use

German Audio Engineering

ADAM Audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation as the pre-eminent tool for sound engineers based on our technological innovations in the field of loudspeaker technology. These advances have helped to define the immediately identifiable sonic characteristics of our loudspeakers: accurate and transparent, with high definition.

The company initially made its mark with the ART ribbon tweeter, its refinement of the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) designed in the 1960s by Oskar Heil. Instead of producing sound by means of a vibrating diaphragm, the ART (and ADAM Audio’s subsequent generations of the concept, X-ART and S-ART) employs a pleated diaphragm capable of moving the air four times faster than its own folds – hence the ART name (Accelerating Ribbon Technology). But the innovation doesn’t stop with the tweeter.

ADAM Audio continues to change the game of professional monitoring, their ranges of respected monitors and subwoofers the recipients of rave reviews and appreciation from audio experts and recording engineers worldwide. Everything we do is in step with the company’s ambitious mission statement: “always raising audio reproduction standards”.

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The ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeters and mid-range drivers incorporate a new approach to the Air Motion Transformer concept originally developed by Dr Oskar Heil. ADAM Audio has refined the original, innovative design, employing superior geometries and materials to achieve unprecedented audio fidelity. The newly developed tweeter design has become the embodiment of the transparent, highly defined, accurate audio for which ADAM Audio is now respected.

For the S Series, the manufacturing process for each tweeter has been undertaken to an even higher standard of precision, with a more stringent post-factory testing regime. The S-ART tweeter is the result.

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The AX Series is suitable for
Professional Studio applications as
well as for upscale Home recordings

The AX-Series from ADAM Audio provides you with a wide range of monitors for different applications. Their excellent price-performance ratio makes them suitable for professional studio applications as well as upscale home recording.

ADAM Audio A7X active studio monitor


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ADAM Audio A8X active studio monitor


Both a Nearfield and Midfield MonitorSee more
ADAM Audio A77X active studio monitor


Combines all of the technical innovations of the AX seriesSee more

AX Series in use

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