Music Schools & Institutions

Professional training is an important attribute for many expert sound engineers and producers. In addition to learning many technical skills, one of the most important things that is taught is the art of listening. That’s why loudspeakers used in these settings need to have a faithful and neutral output.

The challenge

The studio monitors used in universities, or other such institutions, are used by many generations of students in a wide variety of settings, which is why they need to be versatile and durable.

The solution

ADAM Audio’s detailed sound reproduction provides students with transparent acoustic feedback, enabling them to make the right decisions in their work. Whether it’s game design or electro-acoustic composition, ADAM Audio’s quality contributes toward all manner of learning enviornments. In addition, ADAM Audio’s excellent price-performance ratio is a key factor when it comes to servicing the needs of educational institutions.

what the lecturers say

My first studio monitors were the P11A. They impressed me a lot, otherwise of course I wouldn’t have bought them. Even though back then I wasn’t able to put what I was hearing into words, I immediately recognised their wide frequency spectrum. I was astonished at the enormous amounts of air these speakers were able to move in a very defined way.”

Steffen Köhler und Peter Thomas
SAE Institute Berlin

ADAM monitors cover a wide range of musical genres by providing all the phase accuracy that is needed for a classical production as well as a broad frequency range and especially enough bass to be able to represent pop music productions, which makes them very suitable for our musically diverse training.

Prof. Robert Lingnau

As has already been stated, the audio quality of studio monitors have a tremendous impact on the final outcome. These are the drivers on which we base our assessment as to whether the recording meets our criteria. Personally as sound engineer I have been working on ADAM Audio monitors for 15 years. And ADAM Audio monitors were chosen for this very reason.

Krzysztof Maszota

Music Schools & Institutions equipped with ADAM Audio