MyADAM User Area

Welcome to the MyADAM User Area!

With the MyADAM user area, we would like to offer you an ever evolving platform for ADAM Audio products to provide you with relevant information and insights, excellent customer service and an easy way to directly engage with the community and us as a manufacturer of professional monitoring solutions.

If you have any questions or technical problems, please have a look into our FAQs or contact us directly via the Support Form. Also any kind of feedback will be much appreciated. Thank you!

The benefits of a MyADAM account

We are constantly working on providing you the best-possible service and would like to offer you more and more advantages of the MyADAM user area over time. Additional features will be available soon!

  • Easy Access To Information

    The MyADAM user area allows you to access relevant information (e.g. user manuals, product sheets, technical data) even faster – specifically for your registered products!

  • Exclusive Content, News And Promotions

    Always be the first to know what is happening in the world of music production and ADAM Audio through our newsletter!

    We will also provide exclusive features, know-how, insights in the company and much more in the near future.

  • Extended Warranty

    If you have purchased a speaker either from the T Series, A Series, AX Series, SX Series, S Series or our range of Subwoofers from an authorized ADAM Audio dealer after 01.01.2017, you are eligible for the application of the extended warranty. With this application your ADAM Audio products will be covered by additional three years and you can store your invoice for future reference directly in the MyADAM user area.

    (Speakers from the above mentioned series purchased before 01.01.2017 are covered by a 5-year warranty without an application)

  • S Control Remote Software

    The ADAM S Control remote software for our S Series studio monitors is not only exclusively available via the MyADAM user area but also completely free of charge.

    Available for Windows PC and Apple Macintosh computers, the S Control app offers a quick way to set up, edit, store and recall the user-adjustable parameters of the S Series speakers, via an easy-to-use, one-knob-per-function graphical user interface. The app also provides a simple means of carrying out S Series firmware updates when these are released.

    S Control is a software front end for ADAM Audio‘s S Series loudspeakers, and will not function unless connected to one of the monitors in the range. It is designed to be connected to one speaker at a time, and must be connected via a direct USB connection with no hubs, splitters, routers, etc. in the USB signal path.