Mastering is that finishing touch to a piece of music. This final process is essential to ensure that, no matter the creative style, you are left with the highest quality of audio. This is exactly why a professional monitoring setup, with optimally tuned and neutral studio monitors, is indispensable for mastering.

The challenge

Whether listening on a mobile speaker, a surround sound system, or just with headphones, the music should sound and perform well once it has been mastered. The smallest unwanted nuances that are still audible, despite the careful work made during mixing or recording, must be detected and removed during this process.

The solution

With a characteristically neutral and highly accurate reproduction, even when it comes to the smallest of details, ADAM Audio studio monitors are the perfect solution for mastering setups. This analytical quality is essential when it comes to detecting the smallest inconsistencies in order to perfect the audio quality.

what the experts say

Apart from the brilliant sound, the S3As were perfect for me as they could function happily as midfield as well as nearfield monitors and still be portable enough for me to take to the various studios and locations I was working in.


The new monitors have made our control room even more accurate with mixes for production and for mastering.

STR Productions