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Welcome to our world of education!

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” [Albert Einstein]


Knowledge, paired with honest and reliable equipment, is the key to success and progress in audio engineering.

Our education program accompanies you from your very first steps all the way to the top of the pro audio ladder. Together with our partners, we are happy to support you with know-how about the basic principles of acoustics, how to use studio monitors correctly and answers to more detailed questions – all in our informative video series. In this section you can find out more about our scholarship, cooperation activities with universities and much more …

Why people love our educational program

“It has been a very unique experience […] I have met some phenomenal people. […] Since we touched down [in Vienna] we have been looked after like royalty and the whole group has had a fantastic time.”

Rory Cochrane
1st Scholarship Owner from Point Blank Music School London

“This scholarship is a great opportunity to work with such a well-respected team in the recording industry. To be part of workshops and meetings, exclusively designed for production students, is a fantastic opportunity to meet industry professionals and build networks, which will be very important for my future career.”

Matt Flood
1st Scholarship Owner from BIMM Institute Brighton

“These two [S3H] speakers have made it through quite a few reconfigurations of the studio space and for many students and staff they are a firmly established part of our campus,”

Steffen Köhler
SAE Institute Berlin

“Even in more difficult school contexts, ADAM S3H system prove to be a faithful work tool. We really appreciated the equally detailed audio information at any volume setting, which allows us to work on mixing and, at the same time, to explain to the students what we are doing.”

Vinci Acunto
Nut Academy

“I was very impressed by the S3H monitors and think they would be very good main monitors for our new control rooms. I really enjoyed my listening experience and came away with a very favorable impression. Accurate monitoring is critical criteria in our environment and I feel the S3H monitors met that criteria.”

Dan Pfeifer
Middle Tennessee State University