“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. ” [Albert Einstein]

Knowledge, paired with honest and reliable equipment, is the key to success and progress in audio engineering. Our education program accompanies you from your very first steps all the way to the top of the pro audio ladder. Together with our partners, we are happy to support you with know-how about the basic principles of acoustics, how to use studio monitors correctly and answers to more detailed questions – all in our informative video series. In this section you can find out more about our student cashback and discount programs, scholarships, cooperation activities with universities and much more…

ADAM Audio Academy [Tutorials]

About Studio Monitors

What is the Point of Studio Monitors In the First Place?

ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer discussed an abstract view of why we need studio monitors and what the goal is when designing and engineering them.

About Studio Monitors

PROPER Monitor Maintenance (Cleaning your Speakers)

ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer, describes how to maintain your studio monitors, so they stay as clean and pretty as the day you purchased them.

About Studio Monitors

PROPER Studio Monitor Placement 101

ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer describes the details to consider when properly positioning your monitors in your space, whether it's a small room, or large studio.

About Studio Monitors

ADAM Audio Tweeters (The Basics)

ADAM Audio Tweeters... why they're special and why we implement them in all of our monitors.

About Studio Monitors

Understanding Your Speaker's Frequency Response Chart

In this video, ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer, deep-dives into how to understand frequency charts, and how they are used to judge the performance of a studio monitor.

About Studio Monitors

VERTICAL Vs. HORIZONTAL Studio Monitors (Can They Be Flipped?)

DAM Audio Product Manger, Stephan Mauer describes in detail the differences between vertically-oriented studio monitors & horizontally-oriented studio monitors... and whether or not the two are interchangeable in a studio setting.

About Studio Monitors

HEADPHONES vs. MONITORS... What to Use When?

How do you know what is the best to use when you're mixing, recording, or producing?

About Studio Monitors

Studio Subwoofer Basics (Three Considerations BEFORE Buying)

Do I need a subwoofer for my recording or mixing studio? ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer describes three major considerations before you purchase a subwoofer.

About Studio Monitors

$249 Monitors VS. $1,749 Monitors... What's the Difference?

ADAM Audio compares near-field studio monitors like our T7Vs at $249 USD & our S2V at $1,749 USD. The monitors are similar in so many ways, but there are some key differences between them technologically.


Recording Studio Internships (How to EXCEL)

NY-based engineer & producer, Paul 'Willie Green' Womack (Wiz Khalifa, Billy Woods) describes what makes a great recording studio intern from a 'good one.'


Is Audio School WORTH IT?

Producer, musician & engineer Jesse Fischer of Electrik Indigo Studios in Brooklyn, expresses his thoughts on formal audio education and whether or not it is worth it.


Tips for Becoming a SUCCESSFUL Freelance Musician


Audio Post Production (Finding a Career Path)

Mark Rodrigues, Chief Engineer at New Wave Entertainment, discusses what it takes to start out in the film & TV audio industry.


Library Pulls: Why NOT to use them

Should you utilize Sound Libraries within the game audio industry?


Working Remote: Beware of Isolation

Is working from home beneficial or detrimental in the game audio industry?


Game Audio Implementation

This clip describes the importance of implementation experience within the game industry.


Breaking Into The Industry

What does it take?


Running A Studio in 2020

ADAM Audio sits down with esteemed Chicago-based recording studio, Classick Studios and Vintage King Audio. Classick Studios has been home to some of the biggest chart-topping hits of the past decade. Find out how to run your own studio from some of the most experienced and talented engineers in the industry.


How To GROW Your BUSINESS As An Audio Engineer/Producer

Nashville-based producer & audio engineer, Sean Giovanni sat down with us to talk about the importance of starting and building a business & personal brand as an audio engineer and producer.

Know How

How to Setup Your Studio Monitors (With an Audio Interface)

ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer dives into what is needed to setup your studio monitors after purchase for the first time.

Know How

Breaking in Studio Monitors (Burning in Your Speakers)

ADAM Audio Product Manger, Stephan Mauer discusses why burning in your studio monitors after purchase is important.

Know How

Drum Editing in Pro Tools

ADAM Audio Product Specialist & engineer, Alex Spencer shows off his lengthy (but effective) style when it comes to editing drums for country music.

Know How

How to Mic Drums (The BASICS )

Our ADAM Audio USA National Product Specialist & accomplished engineer, Alex Spencer dives into the basic microphone setup both before the drummer shows & and how to arrange them once they're ready.

Know How

How to Mix LIVE Sessions FOR VIDEO (Rock)

Accomplished engineer, Aaron Bastinelli (U2, Vacationer) dives into his mix for the Narrowbacks Irish-Rock hit, "On the Radio".

Know How

Mix RAP & HIP-HOP (Masterclass 2020)

Brooklyn-based producer & engineer, Paul Womack dives deep into his mix techniques of Billy Woods' track, "Stranger in the Village."

Know How

How To Tune Drums (For Beginners)

Getting the right tone and tune out of your drums is crucial when it comes to the recording process.

Know How

How to Mix Acoustic Sessions

ADAM Audio National Product Specialist & accomplished mix engineer, Alex Spencer, walks through how he mixed an original acoustic session from April Kry, recorded & filmed live at ADAM Audio headquarters in Nashville, TN.

Know How

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Studio (On a Budget)

Today we talked with Mark Ellis of Westlake Pro in Nashville on ways you can transform your typical apartment bedroom into a functional mix and vocal studio...

Know How

Our TOP 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

ADAM Audio USA's, Adam Sheppard, dives into some of our most frequently asked questions from our audience regarding our studio monitor technology.

Know How

Mixing Rock Music TUTORIAL (2020)

ADAM Audio sits down with Josh Colby of Vintage King at his recording & mixing studio, The Elephant Room outside Nashville. Josh walked fully through his Pro Tools mix of his band's rock and alternative song, "Believe".

Know How

5 Overlooked Factors in Studio Design

ADAM Audio sat down with legendary recording studio designer, Steve Durr to discuss some of the factors that he thinks are overlooked in studio design today, from room acoustics to the vibe.

Know How

First 10 Things you NEED to Start Your Studio

ADAM Audio sat down to discuss the first 10 items you will need if you want to start your own studio, whether it's a homes studio in your bedroom, or a fully-fledged recording studio...

Know How

Understanding AUDIO-OVER-IP

ADAM Audio sits down with Peter Tilley of Focusrite Pro to talk about Audio Over IP.

Room Acoutics

Room Acoustics (HOME STUDIO Basics)

ADAM Audio Product Manager, Stephan Mauer dives into the complicated & hotly debated topic of room acoustics.

Room Acoustics

Acoustics & Studio Design

Testing your room is important! Here are some tips on testing from Gavin of Haverstick Designs.

Why people love our educational program

"It has been a very unique experience [...] I have met some phenomenal people. [...] Since we touched down [in Vienna] we have been looked after like royalty and the whole group has had a fantastic time."
Rory Cochrane
1st Scholarship Owner from Point Blank Music School London
"This scholarship is a great opportunity to work with such a well-respected team in the recording industry. To be part of workshops and meetings, exclusively designed for production students, is a fantastic opportunity to meet industry professionals and build networks, which will be very important for my future career."
Matt Flood
1st Scholarship Owner from BIMM Institute Brighton
“These two [S3H] speakers have made it through quite a few reconfigurations of the studio space and for many students and staff they are a firmly established part of our campus,”
Steffen Köhler
SAE Institute Berlin
“Even in more difficult school contexts, ADAM S3H system prove to be a faithful work tool. We really appreciated the equally detailed audio information at any volume setting, which allows us to work on mixing and, at the same time, to explain to the students what we are doing."
Vinci Acunto
Nut Academy
"I was very impressed by the S3H monitors and think they would be very good main monitors for our new control rooms. I really enjoyed my listening experience and came away with a very favorable impression. Accurate monitoring is critical criteria in our environment and I feel the S3H monitors met that criteria."
Dan Pfeifer
Middle Tennessee State University

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