Women In Music:

Online Series “From Start To Finish”


Stay tuned for our webinar series “From Start To Finish”, exclusively for women in music (to be), giving insights into how to get the most out of your musical ideas, what it takes to finish your track and best practices to release your song. We will be joined by a special roster of female industry professionals, including Jane Arnison, Kat Kennedy (Big Life Management), Cathy Mathalone (Conchord MGMT), Lachi, Ronnie Tee (Various Artists Management) and many more!

The Dates

The webinar sessions will be streamed via YouTube and facebook every Thursday at 6:00 pm BST (12:00 PM CST), starting on August 13th 2020:

  • Aug 13 – Creating Your Track/Song (Guests: Sarah Spencer, Anna Lakatos)
  • Aug 20 – Mixing Your Track (Guest: Jane Arnison)
  • Aug 27 – Mastering Your Track (Guest: Katie Tavini)
  • Sept 3rd – A&R and Management Panel (Guests: Kat Kennedy, Erin Olivia, Celina Rollon, Cathy Mathalone, Ronnie Tee)
  • Sept 10th – Marketing & Social Media Panel (Stef Pascual, Estelle Rubio, Alice McLean, Trisha O’Brien)
  • Sept 17th – Live Interview with Special Guests Lisa Coleman and Wendy Mevoin, SONY recording artist, Lachi and Laura Escudé.

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