Game Audio

Just like scoring a film, producing a soundtrack or an audio environment for a video game requires complete immersion. Because of this, sound engineers and audio composers have to trust their ears in total-immersive working setups.

The challenge

To create an immersive and emotional experience for video gamers, the mix has to be perfect. This can be quite a challenge since game audio mixes can consist of lots of different audio signals, such as vocals, music, explosions, and other effects. These audio signals have to fit into the mix perfectly to create an immersive experience that gamers can enjoy.

The Solution

ADAM Audio studio monitors and subwoofers help place every audio signal perfectly in the mix. Even the tiniest of details do not go unnoticed. Our speakers are a complete game-changer and are the perfect tool to help create next level audio-visual concepts.

what the experts say

We have used ADAM studio monitors for many years – A7, A7X, A77X and now the S2Vs. The sound quality is consistently exceptional and all our music supervisors and composers trust the ADAMs implicitly. Obviously you need the right monitor for your room, this is why the new adjustment features that come with the built-in DSP of the S2V are so appealing.

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