Post & Sound Design

The dynamic relationship of audio and visual content helps make video one of the strongest and most immersive mediums around. With video, it’s not only important to have strong visuals, but a great and well-balanced mix is also integral to the overall output.

The challenge

Audiovisual content is often produced by freelance engineers who do both video editing and sound engineering. Often, a lack of workspace and restricted budgets do not allow for optimal room acoustic treatments, which poses a real challenge when it comes to mixing voices, music, and other effects.

The solution

Our range of monitoring solutions offers a neutral sound even if the room is not acoustically treated. Whether it’s the T-, AX– or S-Series, each of our studio monitors offers a great range of simple but useful options to ensure the most neutral sound reproduction possible. For example, the low and high shelf filters help address difficult room environments and help you reveal the tiniest detail in your mix, in order to perfect your soundtrack.