Available in September

A Control

The DSP-based functionality of all A Series monitors can be controlled remotely and in real time over ethernet using A Control. The application can be downloaded free of charge for Windows and MacOS in the MyADAM user area upon registration of an A Series monitor.

Real-Time Remote Control

The backplate of A Series monitors offers a variety of equalization and tuning options, but quite often the backplate is not accessible from the listening sweet spot. Using A Control you can make changes to these settings from the comfort of your sweet spot and be confident in your decisions.

Advanced Correction

For some users the backplate options might not offer enough choice and precision. Using A Control you can dial in exact tunings over six bands of parametric equalization and low and high shelf filters. Each filter band can be freely adjusted for gain, frequency and Q value to give the user complete freedom in perfecting the sound of the loudspeaker in the room.

Integrated Sonarworks Sound ID Reference

A Control facilitates our collaboration with industry leaders Sonarworks. Using the SoundID Reference option, calibration curves generated by the Sonarworks application can be imported into A Control and pushed directly to an embedded platform on A Series monitors. When this option is enabled, the calibration is happening directly on the monitor and thus no additional VSTs or software applications are required. It also means you are hearing calibrated audio regardless of your sound source.

Available in September