HexaCone woofers are an integral component in most of ADAM’s monitors/speakers. The core is a honeycomb Nomex structure that makes them both extremely light and very stiff. The front and back of the cone have been coated with Kevlar, one of the most advanced synthetic materials available. Kevlar withstands elongation by a force factor greater than 1000 times that of steel, enabling the cone to resist deformation.

No break-up resonances

HexaCone woofers are far more rigid than paper, polypropylene or aluminum devices of similar dimensions. Due to this rigidity, break up resonances in the diaphragm cone are prevented. The effective length and diameter of the voice coils in conjunction with the size of the magnets and the available cabinet volume are all precisely aligned for a musically optimal low frequency reproduction.

Authenticity instead of inadequate pressure levels

Another general problem observed frequently in many so-called reference monitors is a disproportionate low frequency volume. With massive woofers (and frequently inadequate acoustic pressure levels!), the average listener is supposed to be impressed. However, this approach results in an inaccurate representation of the overall sound quality. ADAM woofers have been designed to reproduce the given sound material with the highest possible authenticity, guaranteeing ideal translation to the widest range of systems and environments.

ADAM Audio Woofer SX Series
ADAM Audio Technologies - Honeycomb Structure
ADAM Audio Technologies - Honeycomb Structure