A/B Amplifier

Every progress comes with new questions and difficulties. The new X-ART tweeter with its extended frequency band up to 50 kHz (-3 dB point) caused an interesting kind of problem: PWM amplifiers need a low pass filter to separate the modulation frequency from the audio band, and this may limit the reproduction capabilities of the new tweeter. So ADAM spared no efforts and decided to design its own high frequency power amp to allow the new high frequency unit to live up to its unique talents.

The perfect partner for X-ART

An internal bandwidth of more than 1 MHz is externally limited so that the unit delivers an ultra wide response up to 300 kHz. With nothing limiting the talents of the X-ART tweeter, the monitor has unsurpassed clarity and openness which will please, amaze and thrill even the most experienced professional ear.

“…a response up to 50kHz it makes the clarity even wider.”

“The famous ART tweeter … has also undergone reconstruction in the X model providing 4dB higher efficiency and reproducing frequencies accurately all the way to 50kHz, which has made such a difference.”
(Audio Media)

ADAM Audio Technologies - The X-ART tweeter amplifier