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External Amp Unit
ADAM Audio External Amplifier EA-SX


We offer the option of an external amp unit for the models S2X, S3X-H, S3X-V, S4X-H, S4X-V, S5X-H and S5X-V in order to make flush mounting of these monitors easier. Connecting the mounted SX monitors becomes very convenient and space-saving thanks to recessed Speakon connectors on the rear of the monitors.

The respective external amp units and their control panels are mounted in a 19“ (3U) rack enclosure. The electronic circuitry and the controls of these units are the same that can be found in all base models of the SX monitor range with fitted amplification.

To connect the monitors to the external amp unit you must use the ADAM Audio ready-made Speakon cables that can be ordered in either 5 or 10 meter lengths.

Fitting for S2X, S3X, S4X and S5X

SX control panel

19" (3U) rack enclosure

Features & Benefits

Product Feature
Benefit to the customer
An external amp unit makes flush mounting of selected SX monitors much easier

Space saving and improved acoustics through “infinte” acoustic baffle

19“ (3U) rack enclosure

The EA-SX fits in every standard 19″ rack

SX Panel with sophisticated controls

Allows optimal adjustments for acoustically difficult environments or individual preferences

Technical Data

Control Panel

Input Sensitivity (coarse)-20 to +8 dB (4 dB steps)
Input Sensitivity (fine)-1.5 to +2 dB (0.5 dB steps)
EQ 80 Hz0 to +6 dB (1 dB steps)
High Shelf EQ > 6 kHz±4 dB (1 dB steps)
Low Shelf EQ < 150 Hz±4 dB (1 dB steps)
Tweeter Gain±2 dB (0.5 dB steps)

General Data

Fitting forS2X, S3X, S4X and S5X
Height x Width x Depth???
Warranty5 years (2 years warranty plus 3 years optional with product registration)
Delivery ContentsPower cord, Speakon cable, manual

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