The X-ART tweeter

The lack of a traditional voice coil in X-ART tweeters results in a very flat impedance. Please note the vertical scaling – in a normal plot, the impedance rise would disappear in the line itself, as it is 1/500 of the normally expected value. Correspondingly, the phase response is extremely flat within ±1.5°.

In summary, X-ART tweeters have a high efficiency (approximately 96 dB/W/m), a perfectly linear impedance (3.9 Ω ±0.21), an equally perfect phase response (±1° within the utilized bandwidth), excellent directivity characteristics and a superb power handling capacity; plus, the neodymium magnets and yoke (ring) utilized in the X-ART units result in perfect magnetic shielding.

A groundbreaking technological innovation with easily discernible superior performance and no technical flaws, the X-ART driver is clearly unequalled in the annals of audio history.

The X-ART midrange

Because midrange is musically speaking the most significant frequency band, the ADAM development team was particularly interested in building a midrange driver using the same principle as the X-ART tweeter.

The X-ART midrange driver uses a diaphragm that weighs only a fraction of comparable voice coil units, and can theoretically cover the range from 400Hz to 20kHz. The large diaphragm area comparable to a conventional midrange unit permits very high, uncompressed SPL without compromising dispersion. The unit has an absolutely flat impedance curve and consequently exhibits linear phase behavior, with a mere ±0.75° deviation within the utilized frequency band.

The result of this technological superiority is unmistakable. There is a special openness that is immediately apparent to the listener when auditioning ADAM monitors utilizing the ART midrange drivers. These monitors are a quantum leap forward in musical accuracy, closely approaching the ideal loudspeaker.

ADAM Audio Technologies - The X-ART driver