Feeling ValenciaGo For The Club Sound with ADAM Audio speakers

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Feeling Valencia with ADAM S3X-H active midfield monitors

Having met while studying music and music production in Mannheim, the producer duo Feeling Valencia, consisting of Henne Müller and Philipp Lorenz, always tries to put as much of their musical variety and knowledge into their projects, bands and productions as possible. They are two of the founding members of the Berlin based Alternative / Electronic Band ABBY, as well as the musical heads behind the up and coming danceable and electronic music project GHEIST that also includes members of Mando Diao .

Henne and Philipp have already worked with the likes of Graham Candy, Steve Nash and Nakadia and were honored with a golden record for the production of a single from Prinz Pi.

Desk of Feeling Valencia with ADAM S3X-H active midfield monitors

In summer 2015 they moved into their new home and workspace, the well-known Riverside Studios in Berlin Kreuzberg. Their main focus is combining the two worlds they grew up with musically: electronic, synthesized and mostly programmed music, with the live feeling and roughness of real musical instruments.

“These speakers are perfect for an authentic club sound and they reflect all you need to create a brilliant acoustic live sound. This is exactly what we need.”

For exactly these purposes they chose the ADAM S3X-H studio monitors combined with the ADAM Sub12 subwoofer.