ADAM Audio AX Cashback Promotion

Get 10% Back On A Pair Of ADAM AX Monitors!

ADAM Audio AX Series

Buy ADAM AX Monitors Between October 1st & December 31st, 2017 — And We’ll Refund You 10% Of What You Paid

Commercially, 2017 has been the best year in ADAM Audio’s history — and we’d like to celebrate with a really special offer for you. The first 2017 customers to buy a pair of our AX studio monitors between October 1st & December 31st this year will have 10% of the purchase price refunded straight back to them!

ADAM Audio will transfer the cashback direct into your bank account within 45 days of us confirming your claim. Please read our terms & conditions carefully. This promotion is valid in Europe, the USA and Canada only.

The AX Cashback promotion is over – thanks to everyone for participating!


The low-frequency response is very powerful, considering their size, and the X-ART tweeter produces a very detailed sound. (…) The ADAM A3X is without a doubt the best compact speaker in this price range.

Red Led

When it comes to budget studio monitors the A5X from ADAM Audio is a stroke of genius. Price, workmanship and sound go very well together and make up the perfect studio monitor that will barely have any competition in its price range. The sound performance is unique for a monitor in this category which above all is down to the incredible abilities of the X-ART-tweeter.

Paul Voges

The A7X from ADAM Audio wins the race a long way ahead of the rest.

Top 5 Studio Monitors
Sound & Recording

Its performance is comparable to much more expensive mid-field monitors (…), the A8X will seduce the masses effortlessly!


So there we have the ADAM A77X: an extremely able active monitor that´s capable of accurately reproducing frequencies from 38Hz to 50kHz in a seemingly effortless manner, even when being run at some pretty serious levels. This all comes with a price tag that actually represents very good value for money, given the level of performance that the ADAM A77X delivers.

Bob Thomas
Sound on Sound

The AX Series

The AX Series from ADAM Audio provides you with a wide range of monitors for different applications. Their excellent price-performance ratio makes them suitable for professional studio applications as well as upscale home recording.