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ARTist Series

ADAM Audio ARTist Series


ADAM Audio’s excellent heritage as one of the leading high performance recording studio monitor manufacturers can be heard in the new ARTist series. Sound engineers around the world use ADAM Audio studio monitors to create and analyze their work. The new ARTist speaker’s design is based on ADAM’s professional monitors and use identical driver technology and amplification to the studio monitors. The new high performance X-ART tweeter, a unique ADAM Audio design that accelerates air four times faster than any classic driver, can be found throughout the ARTist-Series. Combine this tweeter with a sophisticated woofer, an electronic crossover and built-in dedicated amplifiers for each driver and you can enjoy the high performance of the studio sound in your own home or office.

The ARTists combine ADAM Audio’s unique sound quality with the advantages of the active technology. Due to their vast array of inputs these speakers can truly be called universal geniuses, since they can be used in almost any audio set up.

  • The Relevance of Connectivity

    No longer is music restricted to a single room in the home. Over the last years, portable units like MP3 players, smart phones, desk and laptop computers and streaming clients offer music virtually anywhere you go. Often these sources can be connected into multi-room systems and distributed throughout the house, but having a pre-amplifier and amplifier or a receiver at every location is not viable.

    The answer to these requirements is a small active speaker that has its own built in amplifier and the ability to connect to virtually any source. ADAM Audio is proud to introduce the ARTist line of active speakers. The ARTist-Series stands up to these requirements and offers world class performance in a compact design for consumer use.


X-ART Tweeter

ADAM Audio has improved upon the Air Motion Transformer utilizing superior geometries and materials to achieve unprecedented audio fidelity.
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X-ART Driver

A groundbreaking technological innovation with easily discernible superior performance and no technical flaws, the X-ART driver is clearly unequalled in the ...
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HexaCone woofers are an integral component in most of ADAM’s monitors/speakers. The core is a honeycomb Nomex structure that makes them ...
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A/B Amplifier

We designed our own high frequency power amp to allow the new high frequency unit to live up to its unique talents.
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ADAM units use the new technology for both the amp and the power supply section (i.e. no more transformers) combined with state of the art input and filter s...
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