SONIC LABInstalls First ADAM Audio S Series Monitors in Switzerland

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ADAM Audio S3H Studio Reference Monitor and Andi Jud from Sonic Lab

SONIC LAB were the first to own a pair of ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitors in Switzerland

Audio Video production facility, publishing company and record label SONIC LAB sound+vision GmbH, recently relocated to a new purpose-built residential production facility near the historical city of St. Gallen in northeastern Switzerland. For the new studio, owner and founder Andi Jud purchased a pair of ADAM Audio S3H midfield monitors, from the company’s new line of flagship monitors, the first pair in Switzerland.

Jud reports that he worked on a project in 2016 at a studio using ADAM Audio A77X monitors. “The sound was so crystal clear and warm. I was inspired by that experience to have a closer look at ADAM Audio for my own new studio,” he says. The new studio is in the home that he built for his family earlier this year in the small town of Mörschwil, about 20 minutes from St. Gallen.

“I have never heard a speaker with the same depth and precision before”

Jud thought about buying the same pair of A77X speakers from SDS Music AG in Winterthur, Switzerland. But when he learned that ADAM Audio had just released its new flagship S Series monitors, which combine the company’s classic craftsmanship with the latest engineering innovation, modern materials and advanced DSP, he chose the new line. “That was the perfect moment to me to get the first pair of new S3H speakers in Switzerland for my studio,” he says.

“The S3H monitors fit perfectly in my room and I love their look and sound. I have never heard a speaker with the same depth and precision before – and they do exactly what I want them to do,” says Jud, having used the new speakers for a few months. With my previous speakers, my ears were tired after six or seven hours. But with the ADAM S3Hs, I can work for many hours longer and still stay completely focused on my work.”

“The frequency response of the S3H is so amazing that I can work in many different genres, for recording, broadcast, mixing and mastering”

As SONIC LAB offers a full range of services to customers, Jud praises the new ADAM monitors for their versatility. “The frequency response of the S3H is so amazing that I can work in many different genres, for recording, broadcast, mixing and mastering,” he says. “It’s like I can hear in three dimensions, which allows me to feel very confident in my work, whatever material I am working on. I can feel the depth of the room and I have become a lot faster in finding my preferred frequency spectrum. I have a tricky, small control room but my new acoustic panels and the ADAM S3Hs work arm-in-arm and have eliminated any problems with speaker positioning.”

Jud’s new house, where he lives with his wife and two children, and now his new studio are a dream come true, he says. “The atmosphere is very relaxed, and we are surrounded by nature. Artists can relax in an outdoor area with a whirlpool and we also offer accommodation, so they can concentrate on their music.”

The new studio also features an ADAM Audio Sub15 subwoofer. “I do a lot of live sound engineering jobs where I work with loud line array speaker systems,” says Jud. For the past 16 years, he has been the production manager for the tent stage at the annual open-air St. Gallen Festival. He is also an educator at Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen, a teacher training center where he is head of the media production studio. When he mixes live recordings and material for live playback, he explains, “I need the power of a strong low end, and the ADAM Sub15 really helps reproduce the feeling of that live situation. I can feel the pressure of the drums and know exactly what is happening in the sub-low spectrum around 40 Hz.”

With so much air moving in the room, laughs Jud, “It also helps to wake up in a long recording session. And now I don’t need a fan in my control room!”

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