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GTC Series

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The Grand Theatre Components from ADAM Audio now for the first time offer the high precision sound found in professional studios for your home theatre.

The GTC Series consists of four components that can be individually combined. Each component incorporates ADAM’s own transducer technology, the X-ART tweeter, and high-grade midwoofers. The two bigger speakers have integrated segments on which the drivers are mounted. These segments can be twisted by 90 degrees so that the speakers can function both in a horizontal and vertical setup. In addition this feature allows the easy and efficient adjustment of the tweeter according to the position of the audience.

“These speakers delighted us with their incredible ease at any volume level, the delicate high end delivered by the air-motion ribbon tweeter, its spectacular imaging, and its lifelike timbre with percussion instruments. (…) 11 on a 10 scale for sound.”
Michael Fremer, Home Theater


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