Sounds and Gearreviews our T7V nearfield monitor

The ADAM Audio T7V studio monitor is reviewed by Sound and Gear

Sounds and Gear reviewed our T7V nearfield monitor

JK Swopes reviewed our T7V nearfield monitor on the TouTube channel from Sounds and Gear:

  • “First thing I noticed: It felt like a blanket was removed from my Audio!“
  • “Even the low end is really well represented. It’s not over exaggerated. It’s not overhyped.”
  • “It was just clarity! I was hearing things on actual audio, hearing artifacts, hearing things in plug-ins, hearing things that I just was not hearing before.”
  • “There is really not much to go into detail on these. They just sound good. They sound really good.”

“I have tried a lot of different monitors in different price ranges and these stack up with some of best in any price range, honestly. But the fact that they are just 500$ for the pair – they are definitely winning in that market, in that price range, in my opionion.”

You can watch the video here:



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