ADAM Audio Soundtrack Competition 2020 "Halloween Edition": The WinnersTop 3 Soundtracks chosen by Beardyman


The spooky season of the year is over and so is the ADAM Audio Soundtrack Competition 2020 “Halloween Edition”. Things were a little different this time: Instead of choosing a picture to which the pro audio community could compose a 30-second soundtrack for, we had teamed up with UK beatboxer Beardyman. He provided us with the original stems of his “Spooky DnB” track which you could then use to create your own Halloween themed composition.


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We had a great time listening through the hundreds of eerie songs we received and will surely still feel haunted for several weeks to come! Thanks to all the participants for your tremendous work and we hope that you enjoyed this challenge, too.

When it comes to choosing the winners, we like to get some help from a professional and in this case no other than Beardyman himself had the honor of being the juror, picking the Top 3 tracks.

So, without further ado, these are the winning compositions, commented by Beardyman:

1st place (custom made pair of A7X):

A big round of applause goes to Steph Lemos for the composition “Spooky Halloween“: “The winner – very well realised track. Would stand up against the other pieces in its genre category. Well mixed, good choice of sounds, excellent use of the samples, subtle and intricate and well balanced, driving the piece and not interfering with it. An accomplished piece of psy-tech sound design and very danceable, fits well within the 30 seconds. Fantastic work. My favourite by some margin.”

2nd place (T8V studio monitors)

Shrikant Bhandalkar made a big impression with the soundtrack  “Adam Audio Soundtrack Competition Halloween” and is rewarded with the 2nd place: “The runner up, well mixed, great use of my samples, good drum programming, good drum sounds, passable trap.”

3rd place (SP-5 headphones)

Last but not least, “The Mad Pumpkin Symphony” earns Dominik Redenczki the 3rd place place in this soundtrack competition: “Very faithful and musically accomplished Danny Elfman style composition. My samples were a tad underused and the mix is a bit hot but very good well rounded composition.”

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everybody for participating!