Raventape Music Roomwhere Dolby Atmos meets ADAM Audio

ADAM Users

Complete with Dolby Atmos and ADAM Audio monitoring, Raventape Music Room in Toronto is a space where artists from across the board come to create, record, and to discover their own sound.

Headed up by producer and engineering duo Robbie Grunwald and Alex Gamble, Raventape Music Room was originally founded in 2017 and has been used by artists and bands from a wide, multitude of genres. To date, their clients have included Fucked Up, Tanika Charles, and Juno Award winning singer Donovan Woods, amongst others.

“The space is meant to be a sonic laboratory that has an extensive arsenal of sound creation tools, accessible at a moment’s notice,” the duo state about the studio’s premise. To facilitate this, special design details were included to ensure efficiency and flexibility could be always achieved. “For example, all of our synths are pre-wired with audio and midi, and we have microphones distributed around the room, ready to record with no patching required.”

For monitoring, the studio is equipped with three sets of ADAM Audio A7X monitors, and eight A5Xs, in addition to a variety of more classical speakers. “When choosing a studio monitor, striking that balance between ‘fun to listen to’, and ‘accurate’ is a difficult problem to solve… I find that the ADAM Audio A7X and A5X monitors strike that balance perfectly.”

Ear fatigue is another important factor for the duo when it comes to working in the studio. “Since we’ve been using ADAM Audio monitors, ear fatigue has become a thing of the past,” the duo state about the added benefit. “It’s such an asset to have that, especially on those days when you need to work late to hit a deadline.”

While the studio was being redesigned to include the Atmos system, the duo upgraded their setup from the A7 to the A7X. “We were both a bit hesitant to change something that’s been working for so long, but as soon as we heard them for the first time we just smiled and agreed that a good thing got even better.”

The upgrade has ultimately paid off, with colleagues and clients praising the new sound setup. “Everyone who’s been here that they’re a lot of fun to listen to music on,” the duo admit. “Not only that, but they’re extremely accurate. We can have the confidence that we’re making good decisions while we’re working, while knowing that everyone’s having a good time listening to them.”