Phacealways can rely on his S3X-H and A77X studio monitors

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ADAM Audio S3X-H A77X studio monitor in studio of PHACE

Phace is the alias used by Florian Harres, an electronic music producer, DJ and label owner from Hamburg, Germany. Over the past decade he not only defined his very own style of cutting-edge electronic music but also toured most corners of this planet.

His sound is best described by twisted bass, rhythmical experimentation, high contrast ambience, deep cinematic themes, explosive energy and yet human analog soul and funk. This unique approach is constantly piquing demand for appearances at clubs, festivals and media around the globe.

For 8 years I am working with ADAM monitors, for 8 years there are no excuses. I always can rely on their stereo imaging and high resolution. German Engineering at its finest!

Phace uses S3X-H and A77X for his productions.

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