Baihua StudiosAsia’s ADAM Audio powered Alchemists

ADAM Users

Established in 1981, Beijung’s Baihua Studios are renowned throughout the Asian market thanks to its top-of-the-line recording equipment, expert engineers, and high-end powerful monitoring, as provided by ADAM Audio.

Situated in the heart of Beijing, the BaiHua Studios were designed by Dutch acoustic experts and is built upon a spring-formed cement suspension structure to eliminate outside noise. Divided into two separate studios, known as the West and East districts, the entire complex is enclosed within a thick clay wall which can absorb sounds up to 50 dB.

Along with having the best modern equipment, the studio uses the ADAM Audio A7X, S3H, S5V, and S6X as part of its monitoring system. With such a total and complete setup, the studio is able to provide a comprehensive audio solution to any and all requirements, whatever the style, or musical application.

Baihua’s use of nearfield, midfield, and main monitors provide all the raw power necessary for all types of production needs, which is partly why the studio is in such great demand.

It also happens to be one of China’s longest running studios, having earned its esteemed reputation through early recordings of the country’s pioneering rock & roll talents, such as Tang Dynasty, and Black Panther. Nowadays, its success is attributed to the recording of TV and film scores, and is best known for working with Hunan Satellite TV shows Super Girl, and Super Boy, China’s American Idol equivalents.

The studio’s affiliation with TV and film extends all the way back to 1982, when it recorded the soundtrack to the legendary Jet Li movie, Shaolin Temple. Not straying too far from its roots, the studio was recently responsible for scoring another Jet Li martial arts movie, The Canonization of the Gods, along with other hit movie soundtracks.

More recently the 400 sq/m complex has played host to a diverse range of contemporary Chinese talents, recording the likes of Super Girl runner-up Liu Xijun, cult rock-band Joyside, renowned folk-singer Li Na, legendary singer and dancer Li Guyi, Beijing composer and certified rock star Tian Zhen, along with many, many more.