Pro Tools Expertreviewed our new T-Series

The ADAM Audio T-Series studio monitor is reviewed by Production Expert

Pro Tools Expert reviewed our new T-Series

Dan Cooper, author for Pro Tools Expert, reviewed our new T-Series:

  • “ADAM Audio tweeters have always been the jewel in their monitoring crown. They are an integral component that helps to deliver that signature ‘ADAM’s sound’ that many users, myself included, absolutely adore.”
  • “In the T Series, ADAM Audio managed to design a low-cost monitor range that, to my ears, sound expensive without compromising on the quality of sound.”
  • “The overall picture that the T7V produced was clear as crystal.”

“For the price, I don’t think there’s any other set of studio monitors on the market today that can deliver as good as these can […] without a doubt, the studio monitor bargain of the century.”

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