tests ADAM Audio Classic Column MK3


Online magazine tested the ADAM Classic Column MK3 and confirmed its outstanding sound characteristic again

“An advantage of the active design is that the bass is going deep, but remains clear. The Columns are working loudly without effort, there is no problem while cranking them up. It takes guts and a loadable surrounding to force them to compress. My ears are quitting far earlier”

“Midrange and high frequency are very beautiful: clean, detailed, but not analytic in the sense of being sharp and annoying”

“The high frequency is just there. Never aggressive and despite all the details smooth and never annoying. They nailed it in Berlin! In a word: Very good –  tonal as well as in the precision of imaging”

“A solid construction, which offers a very good reproduction quality and proofs the advantages of the active technology once again”

Die complete review of the Classic Column MK3 can be viewed here (German).