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Since its inception, ADAM Audio has earned a reputation for being an innovator.

With an intrinsic character in our industry, ADAM Audio exhibits a unique design language and sonic signature, and we take pride in these distinctions and have pushed the boundaries ever since.

Our vision is to allow sound creators to fully reach the potential of their ideas by offering high-quality and innovative monitoring solutions as well as life-long community support through sharing our industry insight.

We encourage a culture of mutual respect, diversity, inclusion and tolerance. We are on a never-ending journey to create an equitable future for all, enabling creators to find their voice, regardless of race, religion, disabilities, gender or sexual orientation.

We have experienced that having a wide range of diverse voices and perspectives better represent our company and our customers across the globe, while also bringing new and creative ideas for innovation.

It is our responsibility to create a safe and inclusive workspace for all, removing barriers and empowering our people to be at their best through their actions.

Our passion for music & sound unites us, and we are eager to hear, share and learn from those whose voices have been heard and those yet to be amplified.

Actions speak louder than words. This is why we support and use our platform to set an example, such as empowering Women In Music or our own unique international scholarship program as part of our educational efforts.

We and our customers share a common passion for sound, music and its creation as a form of expression. The purpose of our products is to enable sound creators to bring an idea to life.