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Zinobeatz with ADAM S3X-H active midfield studio monitors

Producer Zinobeatz was born Sinan Dogan in Anatolia, Turkey, in 1986. At the age of six he moved to Germany with his family. Looking back, he recalls his love of music beginning in a rush, powerfully; at the age of 14, he started playing various instruments by ear, and had soon mastered four. When he was only just 18, he decided to put his talent to work and began his career as a producer and rhythm programmer.

Zinobeatz is not only self-taught musically — he rapidly developed his technical abilities too, and self-produced his debut album very early in his career, going his own distinctive way and staying true to his dream of seamlessly marrying traditional instrumentation to digitally created music. As the years have passed, Zinobeatz has developed his unique sound and been rewarded with huge commercial success, racking up a series of Top 3 hits in the German singles and album charts and also developing a parallel career in music composition for the film and advertising industries. Zinobeatz is currently working on campaigns for several advertising clients, among them Pro7, ALDI, Asics and Konami, and collaborating musically with various artists including Daniel Aminati, Kurdo, Massari and PA Sports.

Recording room of Zinobeatz at the Clangstudios, Munich (Germany)


“I love working with all kinds of different artists and producers — that way my music is inspired by all kinds of different influences,” comments Zinobeatz. “Three years ago, I moved into the ‘Clangstudio‘ arts complex. Lots of different producers and musicians work here as a sort of collective, and the different rooms and creative spaces here also form part of the various influences on me. The Clangstudio is in the heart of Munich, in a great location, with kitchens, communal work rooms, a lobby, and everyone shares the use of a large live room which can accommodate up to ten musicians. The room is acoustically treated, so it can be used for all kinds of work; it’s great for larger advertising work that calls for lots of live instruments. I’ve also done lots of voiceover recordings in there for audiobooks and advertising commissions.”

“As a reward for my hard work, I’ve recently fulfilled a long-standing wish and got myself a pair of ADAM S3X-H monitors, which are amazing: precision studio tools you can rely on. If I had to sum them up, I’d just say they’ve never let me down!”

Recording room of Zinobeatz at the Clangstudios, Munich (Germany)


“My room here is where I do most of my work, and really feels like a properly finished studio for the first time since I added the ADAM monitors”, he continues. “In the past, monitoring with other speakers, I often couldn’t clearly tell the difference between the mid-range and bass frequencies. The 3-way S3X-H has turned out to be the perfect solution: they tell me the honest truth and don’t flatter or distort the sound I’m trying to achieve when I’m mixing. The ADAMs sound dynamic, like nothing else I’ve heard — way beyond your standard studio nearfields. If I had to sum them up, I’d just say they’ve never let me down. They’re precision studio tools I can rely on. And my collaborators are always asking me ‘Do you mind if we just listen to this song on your speakers? The sound in here is well wicked!'”

His association with ADAM goes back a long way. “ADAM’s A7 monitors were some of the first I ever used in a studio,” he explains. “Back then, compared to other speakers, the A7 was seen as the most honest monitor around.”


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