Singer, DJ and Producer Psibindimixes with ADAM A7X monitors

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ADAM Audio A7X studio monitors at Psibindi's

Rena Biring aka “Psibindi” is a classically trained Indian singer and accomplished psychedelic trance DJ. Now she is making waves as a producer.

Psibindi has had the privilege of working closely in the studio with psy-trance maestro Aphid Moon and multi-talented producer Mechanimal. Together they have created three successful EPs, all of which have been critically acclaimed across the psy-scene. Her dedication, skill set and energy has caught the attention of many festivals and events.

“Producing psy-trance is very different from writing a standard pop song. There are multiple layers in the production that incorporate unique production techniques and synthesis such as warped acid lead lines and gated and glitched effects for my vocals to make them sound unhuman.”

In 2016, she built a fully sound proofed home recording studio called “Elliptic” in London, UK, and recently equipped it with ADAM A7X nearfield monitors.

“The studio was primarily built to provide me with a facility where I can practice my DJ sets, record vocals and produce music. I have quite a bit of gear ranging from DJ equipment such as my Native Instruments S5 Traktor Kontrol, Allen & Heath Xone 23c mixer and TC Helicon VoiceLive II, which is great for live sets. I am currently trialing a Neumann TLM 102 mic and Komplete Kontrol S88 Keyboard. The studio is essentially a control room with one main workstation and an area for the mic stand and reflection filter.”

Psibindi made her first steps into the production of music at the early age of just 11 years. Her uncle Arjinder Kang (who was a member of the Asian bhangra band Apna Sangeet) had a recording studio in Birmingham. Right-away, she was fascinated with the studio and had been proactively involved in making music, singing in choirs and learning how to play various musical instruments. After taking inspirations from Mariah Carey’s Emotions she started to write a few original songs her uncle was happy to produce and so Psibindi recorded her first ever vocals.

“I now have my own recording studio and have been producing music for the past 7 years. I also studied music production at IMW school and I am the official London Meetup Rep for Native Instruments where I assist the team with coordinating and planning the bi-monthly user led Meetup events, which take place at Point Blank studios.”

Meanwhile, she continues to push the boundaries for female artists in the music industry as founder of a global platform called Psy-Sisters which celebrated its 5th birthday in 2017. Psibindi also joined top music artists Jay Sean, Naughty Boy and Hannah V on the TV channel London360 to discuss “UK Asian Artists in Mainstream Music” and “How Music Can Help People”.

“Music really has the power to bring people together and have a positive influence. It is one of the greatest things we have to enjoy.”

“Music literally gives me life. Each day I am inspired by great music, lyrics and melodies that resonate through each cell. Music really has the power to bring people together and have a positive influence. It is one of the greatest things we have to enjoy.

With the Psy-Sisters, we provide a platform to promote and inspire female artists. The collective now has a new label arm called ‘Psy-Sisters Music’ and we have also hosted two successful events in London with all female DJs on the line up. Psy-Sisters has featured over 100 artist profiles since our inception in 2012 for both established and emerging female DJs and artists. We interviewed top female DJ Lisa Lashes in 2014 at Brighton Music Conference and we were featured in Thump in an article about our collective by Discwomen founder Frankie DeCaiza Hutchinson.”

In studio monitors she is looking for crystal like clarity, with a smooth, detailed and precise sound. When monitoring, Psibindi wants to hear accurate tops, mids and low frequencies.

“The ADAM A7Xs are exceptional reference monitors. The ultra-high frequency response allows me to scrutinise every mix and master of my tracks.”

“I first heard ADAM monitors in my friend’s home studio. I was blown away by the clarity and revealing detail. I knew at that point that they were the monitors I wanted for my studio. I make music from a variety of genres ranging from dance, commercial songs, to classical Indian music. The ADAM A7Xs are exceptional reference monitors. The ultra-high frequency response allows me to scrutinise every mix and master of my tracks. I can hear the smallest nuances and slightest distortion in some mixes.”


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Her involvement in several projects keeps her very busy: For the next years she plans to continue touring as a DJ and singer under the pseudonym “Psibindi”. For 2018 she has planned a re-launch of her solo singing career as “Rena”, with a brand new single due for release on 14th February on Psy-Sisters Music called “Find Me”. The single has been produced by top music producer Hannah V (who has toured with Rihanna and Jessie J) and will be accompanied by a music video shot on location in Ibiza by Italian producer Milu Grutta. There will also be a live launch event in London at Westbank Music on 26th January to celebrate the release featuring top artists, DJs and her live band, featuring musicians Edward Abela, Alessandro Vitiello and Russell McGuire.