Jason Deifttrusts his ADAM Audio A7X speakers

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Jason Deift A7X ADAM Audio

Despite many projects being put on pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, California-based composer and producer Jason Deift has been as busy as ever.

Recently mastering the successful debut EP for TikTok influencer turned songstress Abigail Barlow, as well as doing some work with her producer — Adam Gubman — and his game audio company Moonwalk Audio, Deift has been enjoying the high quality of content he’s able to produce on the ADAM Audio A7X monitors in his home studio.

Deift has in fact been using the A7X, ADAM Audio’s best selling nearfield monitor, for around seven years: “I chose the A7X monitors based on my successful history with them, and the accuracy they’ve consistently displayed,” he says. “I am extremely pleased with the results, especially the ability to trust and stand behind decisions before referencing.”

As one of the most balanced and versatile speakers currently on the market, the X-ART tweeter on the A7X is designed to produce detailed, uncompressed highs and upper mids without being tiring over long listening periods.

The tweeter is driven by a 50 Watt A/B amplifier and the bass/mid-woofer by a 100 Watt PWM amplifier. This achieves a very clean and nuanced reproduction of the midrange frequencies with a seamless transition in the crossover from the 7″ woofer towards the X-ART tweeter, which goes all the way up to 50 kHz.

“The benefits are many fold. Primarily the accuracy of course, followed by the ribbon tweeters’ ability to transcend into stratospheric high frequencies without ear fatigue. The stereo field representation is so easy to place parts in, especially midrange clarity and tight lows. On a side note, I love front ported designs, and power buttons upfront.”

Despite its compact housing, the bass response of the A7X is powerful and precise, while its ability to faithfully reproduce every sonic detail no matter how small, its translucent sound image, tonal depth and stereo localisation, is often an inspiration of creativity for music producers like Deift.

“I use a cutting edge hybrid approach which has taken me years to dial in — it starts with a PC I personally built which is rich in processing power and speed,” he explains. “I use an RME UFX plus, Dangerous D Box, SSL G Comp, Maag EQ4 pair, Manley Nu Mu, back into print. Then I use various intelligence-based plugins to sculpt/meter and limit the final result. I am loving this workflow, as the conversion is top notch as well as the analogue gear’s ability to subdue digital harshness. The ADAMs of course are my ears in this process and using the D Box allows the detail of the A7X’s to be enhanced further.”

It explains why the A7X is by far the most sold, reviewed and awarded studio monitor of recent years, and shows that even during these uncertain times, the right gear in the right hands can still help to create the highest quality audio content.

“The Adam’s feel like an extension which I just don’t think about,” Deift adds. “They just work, time and time again. If the mix/master sounds great in A7Xs (and believe me, if it’s off you’ll know about it, they are brutally honest), you’re good to go. They also get down to 42hz, which is super helpful for the bottom end.”

“I like the price point for such incredible quality of sound and build, as well as the large stereo field displayed. The midrange is unbelievably accurate and never falters to reveal what’s going on. I’d say it’s a perfect package, and one I’d be weary to replace in the future. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”