Hardcore DJ Duo Hungry Beats“The A7X was love at first sight!”

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ADAM Audio A7X nearfield monitors in the studio of Hungry Beats

Czech producer duo Hungry Beats are among the leading hardcore and Frenchcore artists worldwide.

Filip Houdek and Kryštof Babjuk launched their careers in 2010 with the “Out of bounds” EP released on their own start-up label, Prague Nightmare Records. From there, Hungry Beats have conquered the Frenchcore scene, releasing a string of well-received singles and three full-length albums, culminating in a prestigious slots at the Masters Of Hardcore in the Netherlands (2015, 2016 and 2017).

Although Hungry Beats is only one of several projects Filip and Kryštof work on from their studio HQ, Hungry Beats is their most successful. “In the beginning, we started with Fruity Loops on an old PC, using samples and putting them together. We played live, sometimes performing DJ sets at small outdoor parties. After a few years, our hobby became our profession, but the motivation is the same: to see people happy when they hear your music.”

Compact and software-based, their studio space is a refuge for fun, creative production sessions they often share with friends. Analog filters are used to enrich specific elements in their DAW-centered workflow. But the single most important area of their audio world is, unsurprisingly, the low frequency area. “In our genre, that goes hand-in-hand with a dominant kick drum,” they explain. “While building our studio we went all-out on absorption and diffusion. Our music styles depend on the low frequencies, so we need good absorption in the studio to hear kickdrums clearly.”

“We love the super-clear highs and straight mids. […] After moving to ADAM Audio, our mixdowns and mastering techniques improved a lot.”

Ten years ago, the pair heard ADAM Audio speakers for the first time in a flatmate’s room. “We remember the clear sound – it was love at first sight! They had clear, non-exaggerated low frequencies and clean and powerful high frequency range, with good, wide mids.” They immediately went to a pro audio dealership, where they bought their first pair of ADAM Audio A7X studio monitors. Filip and Kryštof have subsequently added A8Xs to their studio setup. “We love the super-clear highs and straight mids. After years of using ADAM Audio speakers we get a wide frequency response and a powerful and clean sound that we can’t hear on other monitors. After moving to ADAM Audio, our mixdowns and mastering techniques improved a lot. The A8X gives us great control over sub-frequencies on our kick drums.”

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