Farmor StudioA cosy, creative home for a talented young collective

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ADAM Audio S2V nearfield monitors at Sweden's Farmor Studios

Farmor Studio is one of Stockholm’s newest music production facilities; its website is still in development at the time of writing.

But it’s the realization of a long-held dream for the team behind this exciting new venture: to provide a home for a collective of musicians, producers, audio engineers, songwriters and arrangers that covers as many different areas of expertise as possible. With their output straddling genres as diverse as the latest chart pop on the one hand and rootsy, harmonica-driven blues on the other, the Farmor Studio crew plan to cast their musical nets wide. Visiting Farmor Studio is a bit like popping round to your favourite grandma for a cup of tea. Its designers have created a decidedly homely vibe, with furnishings that exude a relaxed feeling of comfort. It’s no accident that the eponymous Farmor is a fictitious grandmother who serves as a handle for the studio’s visual concept and marketing.

ADAM Audio A5X nearfield monitors at Sweden's Farmor Studios

How does a studio whose visual aesthetics harken back half a century integrate the latest in audio technology? Pretty effortlessly, as it happens. Because whatever else you want in your studio dating from the 1950s, the monitoring system isn’t one of them. The Farmor team acquired ADAM Audio monitors for both their control rooms, deploying two pairs of ADAM Audio A5X studio monitors and one pair of ADAM Audio S2V speakers “for their precision and versatility,” as they told us recently. “They give us a comforting feeling of confidence in that we will hear what we need to hear and also enjoy listening to them for hours. Their modern look also stands out in our otherwise ‘grandma themed’ studio.”

“They give us a comforting feeling of confidence in that we will hear what we need to hear and also enjoy listening to them for hours.”

The ‘grandma theme’ also serves to create a space where its team of talented young professionals can work in a relaxed, homely atmosphere. And although the vibe is cosy and appealing, the studio’s location in central Stockholm ensures that its staff are closely networked with the city’s thriving music industry network. If their enthusiasm and clarity of purpose are anything to go by, the Farmor Studio crew look set to successfully plant their flag on Sweden’s world-renowned recording and production scene. Catch up on Farmor news on their Instagram feed or reach out to them via their facebook page.