Electronic Music Schooltrains the students of the EMS with ADAM Audio

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Jeyênne with his ADAM Audio A8X Near-/Midfield Monitors

As long as Jeyênne can think, he makes music – first in church as an organist, later in various bands and then as part of the upcoming techno movement

Jeyênne composed the first electronic music at the age of twelve, followed by experiments as a singer, keyboarder and guitarist in various bands. It really started when one day he bought an Atari and a KORG Poly 800. Quickly the first demos are produced and in no time at all gigs follow in the big clubs and at the well-known festivals of Europe. Inspired by the burgeoning techno movement, he quickly developed a love for DJing. In the following years he released his own projects, remixes for bands like Scooter and played concerts and tours with Moby, The Prodigy and Sven Väth – to name just a few artists. The EBM pioneers Front 242 remix his composition “Darkness”, VIVA and MTV broadcast some of his videos.

He is currently working on several re-releases of his XPQ-21 project, and is also reconstructing some of The Jeyênne’s tracks from the 90s in the studio using the ADAM  Audio A8X, which need to be retrieved from old tapes and MIDI tracks from Atari computers.

With this diverse and successful background, Jeyênne founded the EMS – Electronic Music School in 2010 to pass on his experience to the next generation. At both EMS locations, Berlin and Cologne, he himself gives individual coaching on the topics of producing, beat programming, arrangement and song structure as well as artist management and general questions on GEMA and label. In addition to the Ableton Live Workshop, Jeyênne teaches a part of the EMS Producer Course, which gives participants the opportunity to professionally produce their own track or song on their own in 6 months and complete it ready for release. Especially the diversity of the productions created there distinguishes the work of the EMS – Electronic Music School. Whether it’s currently especially hyped industrial techno or poppy vocal recordings – the ADAM Audio monitors bring everything to the point.

EMS Studio with ADAM Audio A8X Near-/Midfield Monitors

“I was blown away by the clean and exact sound.”

When Jeyênne first heard ADAM monitors from a friendly studio owner, he immediately knew that sooner or later they would be in his studio. “I was blown away by the clean and exact sound,” he says in retrospect. While he is very satisfied with his T7V nearfield monitors in his home studio, the EMS DJ Coachings, ADAM A7X and the EMS Studio ADAM A8X are available for the participants. “They immediately hear a difference when they mix tracks with other monitors and then come to us. Before that there is often the question: Why do other tracks sound better than mine? In our EMS coaching sessions, we answer this question by explaining this with the choice of monitors in addition to the professionally conveyed producing knowledge.

Jeyênne is especially proud to use ADAM monitors for the mixdown and mastering at EMS Studio Berlin when the final tracks of the producer course participants for the release on the EMS compilation are completed. Besides a release on the EMS compilation, EMS participants release organ music on several daughter labels of their own label. Before the finished tracks go out for distribution, they go through the A8X one last time to experience them in full force on the dancefloor pretty soon.