Cimo Fränkel and Rik AnnemaSoundwise with ADAM Audio

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ADAM Audio A77X studio monitors at Cimo Fränkel's and Rik Annema's Soundwise Studio

Dutch production team Cimo Fränkel and Rik Annema have built a reputation for transcending genres and bringing a unique set of creative skills to the projects they’re involved with.

Past collaborations have included work with Armin van Buuren, James Arthur, Yellow Claw, Conor Maynard and Cheat Codes. Now producing Cimo’s forthcoming solo album on ADAM Audio A77X studio monitors, Rik [left] and Cimo [right] found a few moments to talk to us about their studio and work.

How did you guys start making music?
Cimo: “When I was only 15 years old I started using FL studio to create cool beats. Later on, I focussed on writing and singing, which interested me the most.”
Rik: “I was part of a band called ‘A Silent Express’, we did gigs and we were featured on the radio. After that, I started to make music for other artists and DJ’s. Making the best music is the most important thing for me.”

Tell us a bit more about your studio…
Cimo & Rik: “Our studio is part of Soundwise Studios, and we have been there for three years now. Soundwise was built for creative music sessions. It has a great atmosphere. We have one area including a workstation, several guitars and a piano. All facilities are in one room to keep the creative energy on a high level.”

ADAM Audio A77X studio monitors at Cimo Fränkel's and Rik Annema's Soundwise Studio

Which monitor-related problems have you encountered the most in your studio career?
Cimo & Rik: “Bad speakers were a major problem. To create quality music, we need a realistic sound. ADAM has a high-quality sound, the speakers are very good. We worked a lot in massive studios where they used bad speakers that caused tiredness rapidly. Making good music is only possible when you have high-quality monitors. We’d heard positive comments about ADAM Audio, and when we experienced the sound ourselves we decided to purchase them. We have many music sessions and everyone is very enthusiastic about ADAM Audio, they just love the sound!”

“Making good music is only possible when you have high-quality monitors.”

Where did you hear ADAM Audio monitors for the first time? Can you recall your first impressions?
Cimo: “I had a session together with a friend at Soundwise and I absolutely loved the sound immediately. I listened to the mix through different monitors, but the sound wasn’t as good as with the ADAMs. I soon got ADAM monitors myself.”
Rik: “I heard them at Soundwise Studios. I still remember the moment when I heard the beautiful sound for the very first time!”