BIMM Institute BrightonExpanding skills and opening fresh perspectives through an exciting new alliance

ADAM Users

BIMM’s music and audio courses are among the most diverse, engaging and successful anywhere in the world.

Its array of courses cover a wealth of professions in the music industry, from professional musicianship on guitar, bass or drums to music production and songwriting all the way through to music business and event management. Its pedagogical programme is built around a demanding curriculum ending in a diploma or BA degree or post-graduate-level qualification. Its focus on expert teachers and academic excellence has been the driving force in its long and successful history. Its newest college was opened last year in Hamburg, Germany.

ADAM Audio is thrilled to enter into a new partnership with BIMM Brighton, the founding branch of the British Irish Modern Music Institute, to give it its full title and installed a range of speakers across multiple facilities on BIMM’s Brighton campus. Among the speakers installed are ADAM Audio’s flagship S3H model, its quality compact monitor A7X and the Sub10 MK2 subwoofer. This includes a 5.1 surround system in the primary audio mixing suite, which BIMM has renamed “ADAM Audio Mix Suite”. Many other areas on campus have also received the ADAM Audio treatment, with speakers installed across BIMM’s Mac Labs, Common Room and the reception area.


The alliance between BIMM and ADAM Audio pairs two leading brands in the music production arena, one an internationally successful music production educator, the other a world leader in audio technology. The programme aims to help talented students launch into their new careers by providing technologically advanced industry-standard monitoring systems as a platform for developing their mixing skills.

Matt Hodson, Music Production Course Leader at BIMM Institute Brighton, commented: “We are delighted to work so closely with ADAM Audio, who for many years have been, THE go-to professionals for advanced engineering and innovation in studio monitor design. We are now bringing that expertise to the next generation of music producers, with all of our dedicated Mac Suites and on-site studio spaces providing the best in critical listening.”