Adam Lanci [Cocoman]The Czech Republic’s Reggae Ambassador

ADAM Users

How ADAM Audio S3H provides the right dynamics for getting that dub flavor

Adam Lanči aka. Cocoman is one of the Czech Republic’s most influential reggae producers. His maverick interpretation of Caribbean music has already awarded him two Anděl awards, the equivalent of the Grammys in the Czech Republic.

Beyond his work in the reggae scene, Lanči also performs as an acoustic solo musician and as an DJ EDM music (Sirene Factory) highlighting his multi-genre flexibility. Along with countless solo releases, Lanči has also worked and collaborated with local cult acts Švihadlo and Medial Banana. His label Coco Jammin is also responsible for releasing some of the country’s most prestigious, contemporary reggae music.

Lanči’s music production story began with a Sony PlayStation, as he sequenced music on a game as child, before he eventually started producing with a DAW. “By this time, I was already into reggae and dancehall, although I was never totally focused just on one style,” he explains about his production early days. ” I always enjoyed trying different things, from experimental music to classic songs and sometimes even styles like Raggatek.”

The artist would go on to study at the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, an experience that push his technical understanding yet further. “Here, I learned to listen better, acquire more musical inspiration and be more experimental,” he states about his studies. “I started to use real-life soundscapes, field recordings and various noises which got me into more ambient music. I started to hide various strange elements into my dance tracks and tried to see where else the dance floor could take me.”

For Lanči, ADAM Audio have also been an integral part in shaping his club-ready sound. “I’ve been using ADAM Audio speakers solely since the 2013,” states the Czech producer. “While I was rebuilding my studio setup and I went to Germany to pick up some S3X-Hs. These speakers pushed my monitoring possibilities to another level, with unprecedented clarity, frequency range and detail followed by brutal overall output and dynamic range. Now I am currently using S3Hs; the natural successor to my previous boxes.”