Remote Software and Firmware

A Control [0.9.2 Beta] & Firmware Updater

Thank you very much for choosing the new A Series! Use your monitors to the fullest with A Control remote software and the latest firmware update!

Please request your download link via the form below.


Important Information regarding A Control

  • This version of A Control is a “public beta”, meaning that the software is still undergoing development and testing. We welcome your feedback and any bug reports via
  • It is only intended for use on closed/dedicated networks (computer directly connected to loudspeaker(s) or via a network switch).


Release notes regarding the A Series Firmware Update

System Requirements

  • MacOS 11, MacOS 12, MacOS 13: To run the firmware updater on M1 and M2 processors, “Rosetta” is required.
  • Windows 10, Windows 11: Administrator rights are required to unblock the network connection in “Windows Defender”.

The firmware version “17APR23” provides improved robustness when connected to busy networks, better limiter response, improved operability via A Control software and various smaller fixes and improvements:

  • FIXED firmware crash in specific conditions on busy networks
  • IMPROVED limiter behaviour
  • IMPROVED start-up times
  • IMPROVED mDNS message handling
  • IMPROVED processing speed of incoming control data
  • ADDED power down detection
  • ADDED mute on reboot to avoid audible artefacts
  • KNOWN ISSUE updating the firmware via a WiFi connection may lead to an update failure. The speaker will still be functional in this case and the process can be simply repeated.

Previously stored settings on the loudspeaker remain intact when updating your A Series loudspeakers with the latest firmware.

By requesting the download link, you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) and use A Control and the firmware update at your own risk . For further details, please review the End User License Agreement (short: EULA).


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