ARTist 6

The visual elegant floorstanding ARTist 6 with its black glossy or white glossy finish is a feast for the eyes in every living room. Whether as a stereo system or as part of a 5.1 setup, the ARTist 6 is a symbolization of a clear and high-defined sound within your own four walls.

The new X-ART tweeter, a milestone in electroacoustic transducers, developed by ADAM Audio, is probably the most efficient tweeter in the world. While the new X-ART tweeter, driven by a specially designed A/B amplifier, makes even the most subtle details of the high range frequencies audible, the low range shows impressive power accompanied by outstanding accuracy. The sound capacity of the low ranges is far beyond what one would expect from a speaker this size.

The power switch as the adjustment controls for treble level and two shelving filters for high and low frequencies can be found on the back of the speaker. Unlike the tweeter control, which raises or lowers the entire level, the two shelving filters change the level of the low and mid frequencies progressively. These filters are especially good for fine-tuning the sound to fit the spatial conditions.

Elegant flexibility

The ARTist 6, offering a clear compression free and high definition sound in your own home, was designed to function both as a front loud speaker as part of a mulit-channel system or as part of a classical stereo setup.

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