S Series Amplifiers

The low- and mid-range drivers on the S Series are powered by distortion-free Class-D ICE power amplifiers. Over 90 percent efficient, these designs waste considerably less energy, are much more robust and offer a longer working life than traditional Class A/B amplification. However, the latter can offer more bandwidth and tonal advantages in some cases when amplifying HF audio for reproduction by a tweeter. For this reason, ADAM has developed a special 50W, low-noise Class A/B power amp, which operates in linear fashion up to 300kHz, to drive the tweeter on the S2V, S3H and S3V. By contrast, the S5H and S5V use the very latest generation of extremely powerful Class-D ICE-Power amplifiers to drive their S-ARTs.

The carefully thought-out combination of appropriate amplifier technology with the highly efficient ADAM ribbon tweeter design is one of the contributory factors behind the highly accurate, effortless-sounding high end of the S Series. Great care has also been taken over the physical design. On all but the S2V, the smallest speaker in the S Series, the power amps are mounted in a discrete amplifier chamber within the speaker housing, protecting the system from any air leakage.