A Series Technology

Multi-Layer Mineral Woofer [MLM]

The latest materials and advanced analysis and design processes have led to the development of our new long-throw woofers.


Mineral Stone

A Series woofers are constructed from layers of mineral stone fibers that have been baked together to create a lightweight but highly stable composite material. The mineral composition, layering, and geometry of each cone is specific to the driver, which optimizes stability and frequency response for each model. The baking technique ensures maximum rigidity and an ultra-clean response, and by combining the cone material with a new magnet system, A Series woofers produce high output with minimal distortion.


Design and Process

The A Series woofers underwent multiple evaluations and sample cycles before manufacturing began. By utilizing the Klippel simulation tool, ADAM Audio’s R&D team could design drivers and transducers that perform under maximum sound pressure with the lowest possible distortion levels.