Impulse Coupling

To improve the time behavior of speakers, ADAM introduces IC = Impulse Coupling, a method to vastly improve the connection between drivers and wooden cabinet.

There is a well-known action = reaction principle of Sir Isaac Newton, which (as relates to speaker mounting) dictates that the forces created by the movement of the diaphragm/voice coil assemblies are transferred to the cabinet. As wood is not very stiff, these forces cause local instability around the driver, i.e. – phenomena that keep the drivers basket in motion relative to the diaphragm, thus deteriorating the transmitted sound quality. Imagine if you were to jump in the water… starting from a sand bank gives you a much less stable jump-off point than starting from a solid rock.

Impulse Coupling is the rock solid connection that improves the situation of the driver in a comparable way. In both the S6X and the S7A Mk2, all drivers are mounted on an ultra stiff 25 mm thick aluminum honeycomb plate, which is acoustically dead – thereby providing an extremely mechanically stable bridge to the cabinet. As the drivers are much better fixed this way their time behavior (and consequently their clarity) is audibly and measurably improved.

ADAM Audio Technologies - Impulse Coupling