A Series Technology

Room Adaption

On the back panel of A Series speakers, you will find four bands of room adaptation equalization: Bass, Desk, Presence and Treble. Each band is adjustable in predefined steps, offering great flexibility to help compensate for the typical acoustic problems arising from placing a speaker in a room.

Bass: Boundary Loading

When a loudspeaker is placed next to a hard wall the bass increases in a predictable way, with these frequencies often over represented. The “Bass” control allows you to compensate for this, so the loudspeaker does not sound bass heavy. The values are +2, 0, -2 and -4 dB.

Desk: Desktop Loading

When a loudspeaker in placed next to a desk surface, the low-mid region increases in a predictable way with first reflections causing an overrepresentation of these frequencies. The “Desk” control compensates for this loading so the loudspeaker does not sound boomy. The values are 0, -2 and -4 dB.

Presence: Acoustics Compensation

In some circumstances there can be a perceived harshness in the midrange caused by the room acoustics and equipment in the room. The “Presence” control allows the user to tame this harness restoring the loudspeaker’s natural sound. The values are +1, 0 and -1 dB.

Treble: High Frequency Absorption Compensation

In rooms with too much or little high frequency absorption the perceived sound can be overly dull or harsh.  The “Treble” control allows the customer return to a natural sound balance. The values are +1.5, 0 and -1.5 dB.


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