Midrange Driver

A Series midrange drivers deliver clean sound in the critical part of the frequency range where humans are especially sensitive to coloration of sound.

Dedicated to Excellence

Adapted from the groundbreaking ADAM Audio DCH™ (Dome Cone Hybrid) midrange driver used by the S Series speakers, the A Series midrange driver helps clarify lows and highs by eliminating the need for woofers and tweeters to reproduce midrange frequencies. Both the A77H and A8H models are three-way systems that use the A Series midrange driver.

Piston-like Performance

A Series midrange driver cones are made from the same Multi-Layer Mineral fibers as A Series woofers. The cones are specifically layered and cut for the drivers, which feature an underhung magnet system that lives inside the voice coil. The voice coil is installed within a linear magnetic field, ensuring an optimized working range, and reducing modulation of sound. A high break-up point ensures that no audible distortion occurs in the operating range.