A Series Technology

Digital Signal Processing

The A Series capitalizes on the transformative power of DSP-based electronics to provide greater tuning precision than analog-only speakers.

Unfaltering Performance

The predictability of DSP-based speakers is a key advantage when comparing them to their analog counterparts. DSP-based electronics benefit from unfaltering crossovers, filters, and equalization, which are prone to deterioration in analogue-only designs. Signal conversion is handled by audiophile-standard convertors which were carefully selected by ADAM Audio to achieve superior performance.

Futureproof Feature Set

DSP is also what facilitates the abundant new features of the A Series, including remote operation, local equalization, and voicing selection. With firmware that can be updated via the ethernet connection, over time you can expect to integrate the latest DSP-based capabilities from ADAM Audio—including new filter types and features, plus alternative voicings.