ADAM presents new HiFi-Series at HIGH END!

ADAM Audio Industry News

Berlin, May 10, 2010

At this year´s HIGH END in Munich ADAM Audio presented its new ARTist-Series, which enlarges the product portfolio at a highly attractive price point. Built on the heritage of some of the best professional monitors available today, the new products combine unmatched sound qualities, unique connectibility, and visual ellegance.

Consisting of a floorstanding speaker, the ARTist 6, a Center and two smaller speakers, the ARTist 3 and ARTist 5, the ARTist-Series redefines great sound despite small dimensions for both stereo and, in combination with a subwoofer like the Sub7, multi-channel applications.

By using table stands, the smaller ARTists are also suitable for desktop installations. Furthermore, they are equipped with the analog input connectors XLR, RCA and 3.5 mm Mini stereo jack as well as a digital USB input what turns the ARTist 3 and ARTist 5 into a multifunctional nearfield speaker.

The ARTist speakers will be available in late summer 2010.