Videoaktivreviewed our new T5V Nearfield Monitors

The ADAM Audio T5V studio monitor is reviewed by Videoaktiv

The German specialist magazin Videoaktiv reviewed our new T5V Nearfield Monitor

Karl-Gerhard Haas, author for Videoaktiv, tests whether our new T5V Nearfield Monitor can also be used at video editing suites and comes to the following conclusion:

  • “‘Don´t Stop Til’ You Get Enough’ by Michael Jackson sparkles and shines, horns, guitars and the high frequency instruments of the drums sound as sharp as they were produced in 1979”.
  • “The T5V is by no means weak-chested: in the house song ‘Fade’ by Solo Music, the basses of the electronic drums press down, as does in Kraftwerk’s ‘Elektro-Kardiogramm’.”
  • “The T5V […] give a very realistic impression of the sound material at hand, with powerful bass and high resolution trebles for the size of the cabinet.”

“The T5V […] combines joy of playing with a crisp bass.”

The complete review can be found in issue 5/2018.