tools4music Review ADAM S2V Studio Monitor

ADAM Audio S2V reviewed by tools4music

Stage and studio equipment review magazine tools4music puts ADAM’s new S2V studio monitors through their paces

  • “The in-room tuning options [of the S2V] work well and, considering the compact dimensions of the speakers, they deliver a generous, lively response, kick drum and bass lines emerging with clear, well-defined tonal separation. The monitors seem to respond more snappily than my reference speakers (a pair of ADAM Audio S3As…).”
  • “As you would expect from a tweeter of this type, the high-frequency response is very dynamic, and the new waveguides help make for a rather wider overall dispersion.”
  • “In a direct comparision, the S2Vs handle the mids and highs in a markedly more muscular way — synth tones, guitar, hi-hats and cymbals seem suddenly more clearly distributed across the whole of the soundstage, and subtle details are more audible. This is good for nearfield monitoring situations, where accurate stereo monitoring with a wide sweet spot is often not possible.”

The review can be read in full here (PDF).