Tape Op reviews the ADAM S3V

ADAM Audio S3V Studio Monitor reviewed by Tape Op

The professional midfield studio monitor S3V of ADAM Audio has been tested by Tape Op

Writing for Tape Op, the magazine for creative music recording, producer Adam Kagan tested our S3V midfield studio monitor. He wrote:

  • “After listening to several reference tracks and some current masters that I was working on, I found the ADAMs to have excellent imaging, especially around the high-mids on electric guitars and background vocals. Pianos and pads in pop songs were easy to hear, which speaks well of the midrange clarity and the bottom end felt solid and weighty.”
  • “The software installed easily on my MacBook Pro and launched a very good-looking and easy-to-navigate EQ plugin window.”
  • “Over several weeks, I found the S3V enjoyable to listen to, with its genre sweet-spots being pop, R&B and modern-rock music, where the S3V exhibited a clean transient response, with punchy lows and a clear presentation of vocals and ambience.”
  • “The S3Vs filled my control room evenly and presented a nice, wide sweet-spot. I think a client sitting off to one side would be able to make informed mix decisions. The amount of onboard amplifier power and the wide sweet-spot make the S3V an effective midfield monitor for large control rooms.”
  • “The S3V provides a much larger sound than one would expect from this size cabinet, and the sound is refined and detailed.”

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