Studio Magazinreviews our S3V midfield monitor


Fritz Fey, writing for Studio Magazin, checks our S3V midfield monitor and comes to the following conclusion:

  • “What immediately struck me, was the extremely clean, clear, discolouration-free
    middle range down to the lower center register.”
  • “Different pitches and pulse levels are immediately identifiable.”
  • “The stereo stage fans out cleanly, each panoramic position becomes clearly visible to the inner mental eye, as does the phantom center, which is well embedded in the stereo image. Panoramic positions close to the phantom center can also be identified with very good precision.”
  • “A compliment to Berlin for a professional, affordable precision tool that doesn’t neglect the fun of listening.”

“The ‘best ADAM Audio’ since the beginning of the company’s history.”

The complete review in German can be read here.