Studio Magazinjust made an acoustic appraisal of the ADAM S3H studio monitors

ADAM Audio S3H studio monitor reviewed by Studio Magazin

Professional audio magazine “Studio Magazin” have just checked out the ADAM S3H

Fritz Fey, (Chief Editor of “Studio Magazin“), retreated to his recording studio in order to have a close encounter with the new ADAM Audio S3H Studio Monitors. The results were very positive indeed:

  • “The S3H combines musicality and precision harmoniously. These speakers are fun to listen to and will play back music without covering up any of the details, neither coloring nor imbalancing them. […] I am happy to state that the S3H is the best ADAM speaker I have heard so far.”
  • “It’s exciting! No matter how high, or low, the volume, the loudspeaker shows not the slightest alteration of its source; even when turned down very low all tonal detail is still plain to perceive, …and has consistent levels and energy and is, therefore, absolutely stable. This last statement is especially true for those deep frequencies.”
  • “The S-ART Tweeter works with amazing efficiency since the high frequency sounds are laid back and open without being obviously over-accentuated and/or sounding annoying. The midrange shows, with precision, even the tiniest differences in color, which makes balancing levels and the coloring of vocals a piece of cake! The dynamic procedures of compressors or limiters are also, therefore, easy to perceive […]“
  • “The bass sounds very accurate and defined, which makes it possible, again, to precisely judge pitches and coloring. All in all, the S3H shows a consistent stereo panorama, which is even able to project the often critical lower mid range in a clear and relaxed way. Thus, everything is easy to perceive and to judge: the position of the playing instruments, the dimensions of the room and the offset in depth…even overloaded arrangements are still played back in an analytic and transparent way.”

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